about us

Aegis Law Group LLP is a boutique litigation firm founded in 2003 by attorneys who formerly practiced at Williams & Connolly, LLP. Aegis provides top-quality legal representation at highly competitive rates to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to early-stage companies, and to not-for-profit organizations, trade associations, and individuals. Our litigation specialty involves the Firm in a broad range of counseling and litigation matters on behalf of our clients: high-stakes litigation and commercial arbitration disputes, government investigations, compliance and internal investigations, and numerous other areas in which litigation skill, experience and – above all – judgment are required.


Aegis handles matters efficiently and at a lower cost than other top-tier firms. By design, we are a boutique law firm, not a large general-service law firm. Instead of the high cost “pyramid model,” we provide lean staffing of cases whereby highly-experienced lawyers perform the bulk of the work, resulting in efficiency and substantially lower legal bills.


By avoiding the fixed-cost overhead of traditional large law firms, we also avoid the need to pass these costs on to our clients. It is not unusual for our clients to see legal bills orders of magnitude lower than they are accustomed to receiving from global law firms. Aegis prides itself on delivering a compelling value proposition: first-rate representation and client service at substantially lower cost.

our commitment to excellence


Each of the Firm’s founding partners practiced at Williams & Connolly, LLP, a preeminent litigation firm renowned for its high-caliber attorneys and vigorous representation of its clients. Aegis has followed this approach, hiring only exceptionally-qualified attorneys who possess first-rate academic and professional credentials, and who also possess the temperament and judgment required for effective advocacy to judges, juries, arbitrators, and litigation adversaries.


The proof is in our clients, who typically may choose any law firm in the United States to represent them. Aegis continues to represent blue-chip corporate and institutional clients who have been with us since our founding thirteen years ago. Additionally, the Firm regularly attracts prominent corporations and individuals to represent them in a wide array of litigation matters, including some of the highest-profile criminal and administrative investigations of the last decade.

our commitment to value


Aegis was founded on the principle that those in need of legal counsel should not have to choose between high quality and high value. In addition to highly-competitive rates, we provide lean staffing of cases whereby highly-experienced litigators perform the bulk of the work, resulting in efficiency and substantially lower bills than our clients are accustomed to from traditional law firms. Technology is a key component, as well. By utilizing only the latest and most cost-effective technology—and by moving away from expensive fixed-cost features of traditional law firms—Aegis has sharply reduced the overhead costs built into client fees. The result is a rational, pay-as-you-need-it approach to legal services.


As a boutique firm, we have the ability to be flexible in meeting our clients' needs and objectives. In appropriate cases, Aegis has represented clients on a flat-fee basis or utilized a hybrid approach featuring a success fee. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss alternative billing structures with our current and prospective clients.


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